Indian Site maps

Topographical maps and aerial views of
Archaeological, Indian Sites.
Cahokia Indian Mounds
Topographical view
Cahokia Indian
Aerial view
Topographical Map Indian site
Scott County, Missouri
Multi component Archaeological
Indian site    

Early Archaic - Middle Woodland
Aerial view Map
Scott County, Missouri
Multi component indian site    

Early Archaic - Middle Woodland
The main part of the site has produced a couple
hundred Indian arrowheads. Most of the points were
early woodland but a Dalton, Hardin, Lostlake, Ferry,
and Etley points were recovered as well.
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Notice Monks Indian
Mound to the
North of the highway
and the other
mounds that are to
the south of the
The red + to the right
shows the center of a  
Indian site in Scott
County Missouri.

The site was
marked/saved while I
was on the exact spot
to my GPS.

When I returned home,
I downloaded the
waypoint that was on
my GPS, to the
EasyGPS program.

This allows me to save
the waypoint to my
computer using

I can then easily view
the waypoint anytime
on my home computer
with EasyGPS. I can
chose topo mode or
aerial view, and scroll
the area to look for
similar features, and
Your looking at a
aerial view
(Terraserver) of the
same site as above.

Notice I marked the
Main part of the site  
< Main Site

The X's mark,
scattered occupation
zones. These
occupation zones are
sand ridges next to
ancient sloughs that
are clearly visible in
this mode.

Can you find Monks

Its just to the North of
the highway in the
middle of the map.

Can you make out
two of the smaller
mounds to the South?
Two Mounds >
< Main Site
Monks Mound ---->
Note: Its unlawful to hunt or take any
Indian Artifacts from Cahokia mounds
state park. The map is shown as a
reference only on how to interpret map
features related to pre-historic Indian