Indian Artifact
Books II
                                    Two Summers Work in Pueblo Ruins
                                                 Jesse W. Fewkes – 1904

Originally printed in 1917 – This book has been brought back to life by modern re-typset print, and not
just photocopied, This book is new!

The book is expertly illustrated depicting the beautifully designed Historic Pueblo Indian pottery. It has 72,
plates 122 illustrations, with 35 in full color.
There are several different Pueblo Indian pots shown, including: Chevlon, Homolobi, Chaves pass, and
four mile ruin. When Jesse Fewkes published his original findings at the ruins in 1904 it became a instant
best seller.

The Clifton Art Pottery of Newark New Jersey designed an entire line of pottery from these wonderful
designs. It was of no coincidence that names Chaves Pass and Four Mile Ruin were used on the famous
pottery they produced in 1905.

These Archaeological sites have become household words to every Indian ware aficionado. This book
tells the story of what many consider to be one the most interesting American art pottery lines ever

7-3/4” x 10-1/2” ,  195 pages (plus plates)
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