The North American Indian
                                                         Edward Curtis 1907

Edward Curtis forwarded by Theodore Roosevelt 1907      

Edward S. Curtis began photographing Native Americans around 1895 and producing silver print and platinum
print    photographs as well as goldtones, or photographs on glass backed with a gold coating, for sale in his
successful downtown Seattle studio.
In 1904, encouraged by the popularity of his Indian images, Curtis began in earnest to photograph other tribes
throughout the West. At this time, he envisioned a plan to document all of the tribes west of the Mississippi which
still maintained to a certain degree their native lifeways and customs.
He was fortunate to gain recognition and endorsement from President Roosevelt as well as financial assistance
from J. P. Morgan for his project. His masterwork, The North American Indian, he and Morgan decided, would be
a set of 20 books documenting the lifeways, mythology and ceremonies of over 80 tribes-illustrated with high
quality photoengravings taken from his glass plate negatives. Each of these volumes would be accompanied by
a portfolio of large size images all sumptuously bound in Moroccan leather.
The papers used for printing would also be of the best quality: a Dutch etching stock by Van Gelder, a Japanese
vellum, and for the most discerning subscribers, a translucent Japanese rice paper. To fund the original
publication Curtis would sell subscriptions at approximately $3,000 per-set. This was a huge amount of money
for a publication durring the early 1900's!
Originals of volume I, have sold for $20,000 + This is by no means an original but it contains the same
information and pictures, just digitized!
•        Tons of historical data and records of the Native American Indians
•        79 Images
•        233 pages total

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