The Great Serpent mound
Adams County, Ohio
Fort Ancient Ohio Famous Hopewell      
                       Indian site
Ross County Ohio Mound and maps
Archeological Atlas of Ohio on CD
William. C. Mills – 1914
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Compiled by William C. Mills in 1914.  Mr. Mills started with existing
maps by Warren K. Moorehead, Charles Whittlesey. The Smithsonian
institution prepared the 1891 map of the featured earthworks.

He then systematically examined each Ohio County and updated the
master map to arrive at the finished atlas.  The original publication run
was limited to only 500 copies and the originals now sell for between
$600-$900 (depending on condition).

The Archeological Atlas of Ohio has been brought back to life using
Adobe Reader.  Adobe Reader has a zoom capability that allows a
magnification of 400-600%+ on the map images.  

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