I. Cave Explorations in the Ozark Region of Central
- Upper Current River,
Shannon County, Bat Cave,
Texas County, Smith Caves,Saltpeter Cave.
Dent County, Mammoth Cave.
Phelps County, Bates Cave
another "Bates Cave", Renaud Cave
Pulaski County, McWilliams CaveDavis Caves, Graves
near McKennan's + numerous other caves...
Camden County,along the Niangua River, A fossil cave
Miller County, Wright Cave, Wilson Cave
Maries County, Osage County, Indian fort
II. Cave Explorations in other States
Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama,
III. Explorations along the Missouri River Bluffs in
Kansas and Nebraska
Vicinity of White Cloud, Kansas
Iowa Point near the mouth of the Nemaha River
Vicinity of Troy, Kansas mouth of Mosquito Creek
Rulo, Nebraska near Howe, Nebraska
IV. Aboriginal House Mounds
New Madrid County, St. François County
V. Archaeological Work in Hawaii
Molokai Island, Hawaii Island, Maui Island, Kauai Island,

Smithsonian Institution,
Bureau of American Ethnology report
Washington, D.C., February 17, 1920.
By: Gerard Fowke
Eighty Two Images & drawings
Indian Artifacts, Arrowheads,
Axes, pipes, celts, bone awls,
Cave pictures, and diagrams
Indian Grave Mounds
Hawaiian Archaeological Indian
house floors
Indian Cave diagrams and maps
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